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Financing Options for Blissful Doggies & Doodles Puppies


Adorable Pups from Blissful Doggies & Doodles - Ready for New Homes

Introducing the Blissful Doggies & Doodles Breeding Crew


"Oakley" Dam

The most nurturing Dam of all. She is so genuinely sweet to all her siblings and pups. She is our sable standard poodle. A ball full of energy and loves to be around people. We can always find her nurturing our other dogs.

"Gunner" Sire

Gunner is such a sweet boy! He captivated our lives the moment he came into our lives. He is the most loving, gentle dog sir I've ever seen. He is always so welcoming to our newest members of the family. He is definitely my sweet boy! 

"Gracie" Dam

Gracie is a gorgeous red standard poodle. Her personality is beyond precious. She loves "kisses" and is so cuddly. She loves playing with all her siblings and enjoys being a water dog!


Raising Top-Quality Breeding Dogs with Blissful Doggies & Doodles


"Lucy" Dam

Lucy is one of our beautiful parti sable standard poodles. Her sable traits compliment her color. She is definitely our little princess.

"Kensi" Dam

Besides coming from a champion bloodline, she is the most laid back Bernese Mountain Dog during the day and a ball of energy in the evenings. She is a very affectionate and loyal breed.

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